Drone video presentation

Struggling to be seen

With the rise of online property marketplaces, house buyers are faced with an extraordinary amount of properties to choose from. This increased competition can make it hard for your property to stand out amongst all the others.

Standing out

One way that you can make your property stand out from all the others is a video taken from the air which gives potential buyers from another side of the world a clearer understanding of your property, it’s place in the surroundings and much more effective.

The complete picture

A video can show more in a few seconds than you could in 100 pictures. The aerial views allow for a 360 degree display of the house, along with the gardens, driveway, garages, outbuildings or whatever else is part of the property and the neighborhood

Maximal exposure

Once you have a video of your property it opens up a whole new world for online marketing. You can upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook with an increase in digital exposure and a much wide audience than by marketing purely on an estate agent’s website.

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