How it works

How do i sell or rent my property without agency?

The sale or rent of a property involves many different things. How do I determine the selling price of the home and what are the risks? How do I set up a contract? Which notary should I choose now? More and more people decide to make the sale or rental independently. Because of this they hope to quickly rent or sell the property. Experience shows that it is still difficult to see yourself all the different aspects. What do you cannot forget and what tools are available? I’m going to do it alone or do I turn to a specialist? A broker switching is not required, but can take a lot of work. For example there are brokers who specialize in the purchase and sale of exceptional properties. Through Easycosta, you can half the agents fees and the tools are available to you.

I’m a Real estate agent. Can i sell a property on

Only agencies who are working exclusively for the property owner can apply. Notice that before submitting a listing you will be asked to prove that you own the property or that you represent the owner.

How can i rent or sale my property?

You can join for free at, so you can look out quietly what we have to offer. You can make free use of various options and you can add your property.

Do I have to upload a profile picture at registration?

You are not required to post a profile picture at registration. Your fully name, email address, telephone number and fully address of the property are required.

How do I get access about any progress of the sale or rental of my house?

You can view your dashboard messages regarding your property under My EasyCosta. If someone is interested in your property and makes an enquire through, you will receive an e-mail. Also if someone asks informations about your property by phone, you will get notice. You can make comments and contact the interested by yourself if you choose to.

When do i need to pay?

You pay the fee if any only when your home is finally sold and the deal was passed by the notary. The basic remuneration (commission), any eventual reward for a Quick Sale and any eventual reward for an High Sale are pay by the notary. Until your house is not been sold you don’t need to pay anything.

What is a Quick Sale?

If you are in need to sell your property in a short time, you can ask Easycosta to negotiate between you and investors who are allready present in our contact list. This service is not free and the fee vary by different aspects. Your property will be sold most certainly but for less than the ask price.

What is an High Sale?

For the sale of properties over the 1 million euro we have an exclusive team and a different approach. This brings costs that may vary by property and the geographical position of it.

What information should I include in the description of my house?

If you register your property on you can enter the features of your home. At description and details you can add informations about your property. Is recommended to add as much informations as possible to get a clear picture of your property. So may be easier to find a suitable buyer.

How the Facebook campaign works?

Through our Facebook campaigns, we ensure that you get more visitors on the ad. The Facebook campaign, targeting the right audience, we ensure that your property is in the right people’s attention. So you’re advertising more targeted than for example in the newspaper.

What if my property is allready for rent or sale through an estate agency?

Your options are: 1- You stay with your current broker, but you are doing him a new proposal with much better conditions which Easycosta offers to put your home back in the market 2- You dismiss the existing order with your real estate and choose Easycosta 3- You leave the order with your broker and your offer your home for sale on It may be that when you cancel your existing contract with your current real estate broker, cancellation fees must be paid. If you do not want to be surprised, first check the contract (and any related conditions) that you entered with them.

What modern and professional tools does Easycosta have?

To present your home the best as possible you can choose for a professional video and/or photo shooter. Those services are not included in our free sale plan but are recommended. What we offer is: – Photography service (see example: – Video presentation (see example: – Drone video presentation (see example: