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For all those with a sweet tooth and a taste for nostalgic sweets you must try Barratt Candyland Dip..
Barratt Nougat Original is a traditional British confectionary delight comprising soft and chewy van..
Refreshers are the fizzy sweets that dreams are made of! Well we think so. The multicoloured disk-sh..
A favourite of school kids since 1925 Barratt Sherbet Fountains recently received a significant chan..
Barratts Candyland Dolly Mix is now available in these handy small packets perfect for adding to lun..
Cadbury Dairy Milk remains one of the nation's favourite chocolate bars widely considered as the ori..
These Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars are specially designed for kids but I think we all know that there are..
Delicious and fun! What's not to love with Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo's? Made with fresh dairy milk i..
These Snack Size Cadbury Fairtrade Dairy Milk Chocolate bars are the perfect way to satisfy your cho..
Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolate is the definitive selection box for any Cadbury fan! The milky chocolate..
One of our Cadbury branded products. This product is new to the British Corner Shop range. Contains ..
This Cadburys Buttons 5 Pack is great if you want to enjoy a handful of classic Cadburys Buttons wit..
Cadbury Caramel is a classic; each indulgent bar of creamy Cadbury chocolate has a soft velvety cara..
Cadburys Crunchie is one of Britain's favourite chocolate bars. Made of milk chocolate with a honeyc..
The Cadburys Curly Wurly is a fun chocolate bar which is loved by both kids and grown-ups. It has be..
Cadburys Dairy Milk is undoubtedly the nation's favourite milk chocolate. First launched in 1905 thi..
Without doubt the crumbliest flakiest bar of chocolate available Cadburys Flake can either be eaten ..
Cadbury Flake is undisputed as the crumbliest flakiest bar of chocolate on the market. Whilst it can..
It was hard to imagine how they could improve Cadburys Buttons but here is the answer - Cadburys Gia..
The Cadburys Time Out comprises two delicious chocolate covered wafer fingers with a creamy milk cho..
Cadburys Wholenut blends the nation's favourite milk chocolate with tasty whole nuts for an instantl..
The Wham Bar is a true retro classic! This chewy bar is packed full of tangy fizzy flavours and will..
Clif Peanut Butter is a wholesome and nutritious snack bar that's created to sustain you during all ..
One of our Clif branded products. May Contain Barley Contains Gluten Contains Oats May Contain Wheat..
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