You may have read in the international news that Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced a four-point plan for the re-opening of Spain.

We know that some people might not be considering a holiday this year, or even consider it inappropriate. We also know that others would very much like to, if it’s safe and lawful under the international plans to limit the spread of COVID-19. That’s the choice of each individual/family and we respect it.

With that in mind, for those that will travel to Spain, holiday homes stand out as safer, private, alternatives to large crowds expected in hotels. Also note that pools and other communal areas for hotels will be closed but not for holiday homes.


For those that might be interested in coming to Spain this year to visit family, friends or are simply curious about where the Spanish nation has got to so far, we will be providing periodic updates like this.


The current announcement is as follows as regards tourism to Spain:


  • The plan is split into four phases, beginning from 4th May. Holiday Rentals and Hotels will be allowed to open from Phase II, estimated to be around 18th May. Hotels will not be allowed to have open pools/common areas but this doesn’t apply to Holiday Rentals.

  • This will vary by province: Rural and island provinces (frequented by tourists) are expected to open first, as they have a low virus penetration so far. Cities, especially Madrid and Barcelona will likely be held back.

  • However, this does not mean international tourism will be open from 18th May. First will be internal tourism by province, region and national. Only after will be international tourism.

  • The Spanish government hopes to finish their de-escalation program by June.

  • The Spanish economy relies heavily on tourism (about 21% of the economy), and the Spanish government is keen to open for summer if possible and is getting pressure from regional governors like Canary Islands and Andalucia. Plenty of great people, Spanish and permanent residents, rely on tourism to feed their families - bars, restaurants, shops.


In short, for those considering the summer, it is likely that July will be a possibility and August and September will be likely. Many Spanish festivals are being moved to August & September.